Tinker Business & Industrial Park

Tinker Business & Industrial Park
2601 Liberty Parkway
Midwest City, OK 73110

Located just across from

Tinker Air Force Base!

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An Introduction to Tinker Business & Industrial Park North and South: Oklahoma´s Intellectual Property

Image of TBIPIn today´s fiercely competitive business environment, establishing just the right location is an increasingly important decision.  Companies are looking beyond “bricks and mortar” for those features which will translate into a real business advantage.  If you are a defense contractor interested in increasing your bottom line, we invite you to take a closer look at Tinker Business & Industrial Park.

We have two locations: TBIP North, located at 29th and Sooner Road, across the street from the NW corner of Tinker AFB in Midwest City, and TBIP South, at 44th and Sooner Road, also across from Tinker and a half-mile from Tinker’s west Vance Gate.

The largest concentration of technology companies at any one location in Oklahoma, TBIP is a unique environment where public institutions, private sector businesses and academia are clustered together to create a dynamic synergy with “mega” partnership potential! TBIP is sector specific, serving those companies who are engaged in aerospace/aviation, telecommunications, and environmental sciences.

Image of TBIPBy clustering companies engaged in the three sectors represented at TBIP, we deliberately, effectively and successfully foster partnerships of both people and ideas.

TBIP offers a broad range of facilities: Executive Suites to a single-tenant building, and everything in between. For example, Office Suites and Flex Space – perfect for laboratory, testing, light manufacturing, systems integration or warehouse/storage for “just in time” or direct vendor deliveries. We believe that Tinker Business & Industrial Park is the ONLY choice for the quality of service demanded by top defense industry contractors such as Pratt & Whitney, SAIC, Rockwell Collins, GE, Booz Allen Hamilton, Rolls-Royce, and over 35 other companies at TBIP´s two locations.

With more than 20 years of service to the defense contracting community, the TBIP Management Staff strives each and every day to give our Tenants professional service with a personal touch.  One visit and you’ll see why WE ARE Oklahoma´s Intellectual Property!

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