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Tinker Business & Industrial Park
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Located just across from

Tinker Air Force Base!

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History Past, Present & Future

Tinker Industrial Developers (TID), owner and developer of TBIP is a partnership of Flintco Construction Company and the Thomas family interests. Partners since 1986, the two entities have a combined total of more than 125 years’ experience in the development, construction, and ownership of high-quality real estate investments.

TBIP is a 70-acre Planned Unit Development, specifically designed to enhance the mission of Tinker Air Force Base. Today, TBIP North consists of three buildings totaling over 170,000 square feet. More than 50 entities account for over $1 billion (strike and approximately 1,000 employees, (500 to 600 on-site) of the $2.2 billion in sole source contracts awarded by Tinker AFB annually. Upon completion, TBIP North will feature 12 to 15 buildings, approximately 4,000 employees and a total of 1,000,000 square feet.

Image of the TBIP CampusThe development heralds a unique one million square foot, multi-functional, technologically- enhanced, business and industrial park, plans for a mid-rise office complex of approximately 300,000 square feet, plus a mixture of brick-faced service centers and industrial structures totaling 700,000 square feet. Designed in a campus-Iike configuration, the project reflects the ultimate harmonizing of a skillfully master-planned, high technology complex with the environmental sensitivity of wildlife preserve. With hundreds of mature trees, many exceeding three feet in diameter, there is the natural beauty with which to create an unparalleled place for people to enjoy their working environment and in a place that is collegial, holistic, and permeated by a can-do attitude.

Image of the North TBIP LocationDefense contractors operate in a constantly changing, constantly evolving marketplace. This need for flexibility, combined with current trends toward corporate downsizing and re-engineering, has created the demand for virtual offices, virtual companies, and the ability to shrink, grow or reconfigure at a moment’s notice. TBIP offers a variety of space solutions which, for small businesses in particular, allow for a minimum of fixed-overhead expenses while functioning like a larger company when special business opportunities arise, particularly those that are of limited duration. The design and built-in flexibility of the facilities and ancillary support services of TBIP allow for a "migratory" path for a small business that anticipates growth but wants to tailor its offices and overhead to what is required at its then current stage of evolution and revenue.

Embracing Technology as a Fundamental Element of Business

Image of the TBIP Conference roomSince TBIP’s designation as Oklahoma’s first “smart park,” multi-media and information technologies have more than realized the potential predicted in the late 1980´s. High-speed, high-capacity data, voice, and video communication media have become a standard for business operations. Underground switching systems, fiber-optic infrastructure, and "smart buildings" are necessary for these advanced technologies to accommodate such applications as fully digitized voice and data, LAN, WAN, ISDN, artificial intelligence, automated optical inspection, manufacturing automated protocol, computer-integrated manufacturing, and full motion video teleconferencing are but examples of tomorrow's required technology infrastructure.

TBIP has demonstrated a history of capitalizing on these emerging technologies by planning not only "intelligent buildings" but also a state-of-the-art fiber network designed to handle the future needs of our tenants. A 100-mg pipe for direct access to Tinker Air Force Base is now in place.

The TBIP Team knows how critical it is to provide for and be prepared, in advance, to accommodate whatever technologies and services both current and future tenants require. Designing and planning to meet the needs for tomorrow's advanced technologies – today - defines a top priority for Tinker Business & Industrial Park.

A Proven Team

Image of ouside the North TBIP LocationTID is chiefly engaged in the creation of sector specific business environments that aggregate clusters of inter-related entities – private, public and academic – all for the purpose of infusing energy for a common economic purpose. At Tinker Business & Industrial Park, supporting the warfighter is that purpose! TID has been successful because, among other significant factors, it has focused not just on real estate but more importantly on the strategic planning to assure the success of tenants and associated businesses.

Warren Thomas and Flintco Construction Company have been working in partnership for more than 26 years. Flintco is one of the nation’s pre-eminent construction firms, providing a full range of services to clients in Oklahoma and across the United States. Flintco continually strives to provide added-value to all of their projects. Professional organizations and magazines that evaluate and rate the quality of construction firms have rated the Flint family of companies among the best in the United States. Flintco attributes its success to focusing priorities on the owners needs.

Flintco Construction Company

ImageFlintco is a proud Native American company with a long-standing tradition. Originating in March 1908 as Tulsa Rig, Reel & Manufacturing Company, Flintco, Inc. has evolved into a full-service commercial construction company, offering design-build, project management, pre-construction, construction management, and general contracting services. With an average volume of more than 1 billion per year, Flintco, Inc., the largest Native American construction firm in the country, is consistently ranked in the top 30% of Engineering New Record's Top 400 Contractors, as well as the Top 20 Contractors of correctional and healthcare facilities.

Tinker Business & Industrial Park South

In 2006, TBIP South added 33,000 additional square feet to the existing office inventory, bringing the square footage total to more than 200,000.Image of ouside the South TBIP Location Located a mile south of the original “North” campus, TBIP South is directly west of Tinker Air Force Base at Sooner Road and 44th, only a few short blocks from the west Tinker “Vance” Gate.

Just minutes from the new Tinker Aerospace Complex (TAC) facility at I-240 and Air Depot, the TBIP South campus features the same distinctive TBIP quality as the original three buildings at 29th and Sooner Road. Tenants of either TBIP or TBIP South are afforded the same unparalleled access via tenant networking luncheons to the key decision-makers at Tinker and the OC-ALC, our local, state and national legislative representatives, business leaders, and more!