Tinker Business & Industrial Park


"Moog Inc. has been at the TBIP for approximately 10 years. During that time, our business has grown, we have hired additional people and now require a large warehouse area. Based on years of being involved with the TBIP, our choice was to remain with TBIP. TBIP management worked with us to secure the perfect location for our business. Their management was helpful in securing a contractor to do the renovations and to insure it met all of our needs. They went above and beyond in working with us to complete the move in a timely manner. The same dedication has been provided to us with their willingness to take care of any issues that might arise with regard to housekeeping, weather and grounds maintenance.

TBIP supports their tenants with networking luncheons, inviting speakers from various organizations to share their take on current events. This is extremely helpful in growing our business. The TBIP is only 5 minutes from Tinker AFB. The close proximity to the base allows Moog to be immediately available for any support required by our customers.

We would highly recommend the TBIP as a potential location for business, particularly Defense Contracting."

Billie Hardin
Regional Business Development
Moog Aircraft Group

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