Tinker Business & Industrial Park

Tinker Business & Industrial Park
2601 Liberty Parkway
Midwest City, OK 73110

Located just across from

Tinker Air Force Base!

Call 405-733-4949

Map & Directions

Tenant Testimonials

1David Burnett, Midwest City Chamber of Commerce

Clustering is really at the chamber of commerce and AERO EOC clustering is what we are really looking to market in this area…Read more

2Kay Matthesen, Pratt & Whitney

Location probably is the number one thing that a company is looking for, when a company is looking or a place to set up an office; I think the…Read more

3Tom Laird

Very close to TAFB; MOOG has numerous Ks with Tinker. And I can get to Tinker within 5 minutes; if they can call me up and say we have…Read more

4Ben T. Robinson

Tinker Business & Industrial Park is Oklahoma's first technology park and today comprises the largest concentration of high-technology companies…Read more

5Chuck DeBellevue, OSU Asset Program

Since joining the TBIP “family”, the ASSET Program has enjoyed enhanced networking opportunities that we did not have at our previous location. The ability…Read more

6Maj. Gen. Al Goodbary (Ret.), University Multispectral Laboratories

The TBIP is an excellent model where similarly oriented organizations are clustered, creating a special synergy that strengthens economic development in…Read more

7Jim Diehl, Chromalloy

When growth in business required that I hire new people and get a bigger office, my first choice was to remain with TBIP. Their facilities are immaculately…Read more

8Randy Coggins, Thomas Instrument

As a Small Business in the big business world of aerospace defense, we couldn't ask for a better partner that TBIP. The great support we receive from the…Read more