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General Atomics | Posted 08/17/2010

The Oklahoma General Atomics office has recently relocated to Tinker Business & Industrial Park. General Atomics joins TBIP’s aerospace and defense cluster of 40+ private companies, individuals and education/training entities currently located at 29th and Sooner (TBIP North) and 44th and Sooner (TBIP South).

General Atomics Systems Integration, LLC (GA-SI) is an affiliated company of General Atomics. GA-SI provides engineering services to improve the operational safety and suitability of Department of Defense aircraft weapon systems by insertion of new technologies. GA-SI is headquartered in Kaysville, Utah and has offices in Midwest City, Oklahoma and Warner Robins, Georgia, according to Scott Sappenfield, General Manager for GA-SI.

“TBIP is proud to be the chosen location for the Oklahoma office of General Atomics,” TBIP Managing General Partner Warren Thomas, commented. “Top tier companies like General Atomics further strengthen the aerospace and defense cluster at TBIP, and benefit the cluster as a whole.”

General Atomics (“GA”) and its affiliated companies constitute one of the world's leading resources for high-technology systems ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to electromagnetic systems, remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electronic, wireless and laser technologies.

GA and its affiliated entities also manufacture, operate, and service state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles, are engaged in uranium mining and processing, and provide nuclear instrumentation, aircraft launch and recovery systems, superconducting magnets, systems for hazardous material destruction, magnetic levitation systems, medical diagnostic products, information technology and many other products and services for government and industry.

About Tinker Business & Industrial Park:

Tinker Business & Industrial Park is a sector specific business park for defense companies engaged in aerospace/aviation, telecommunications and environmental sciences. The North Campus is located at 29th and Sooner Road, Midwest City, and the South Campus is located at 44th and Sooner Road, Oklahoma City.

The Aerospace Collaboration and Partnership Center is a non-traditional office facility designed primarily for start-up companies, small businesses, or large companies with a small Oklahoma footprint. ACPC anchor tenants from academia and industry bring together a wealth of knowledge, experience and assistance, lending particularly invaluable assistance to new or small defense companies.

For more information about the ACPC or Tinker Business & Industrial Park, contact Janelle Stafford ( ) at 405.733.4949 or 405.659.5435.