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South Campus Completion Nears | Posted 03/23/2007

The final phase of renovation has begun at TBIP South. This project will add what we call the "amenity space," which consists of a large conference room, small conference room, kitchen, fitness room with adjoining restroom and showers, break room and outdoor recreational seating and equipment.

"The TBIP philosophy is a holistic one," said Owner Warren Thomas. "We're not about building buildings, but about creating a holistic environment." Thomas noted that employees spend more time at work than they do at home during waking hours. Therefore, it is important to provide a comfortable work space, complete with areas for fitness and for relaxation as well."

This approach helps companies recruit the best and brightest employees, who expect more-today-than just a place to work, Thomas commented..

Located at 44th & Sooner Road, across from Tinker AFB, TBIP South is otherwise complete and is 100% leased. The amenities space should be open in 6-8 weeks.