Tinker Business & Industrial Park

Tinker Business & Industrial Park
2601 Liberty Parkway
Midwest City, OK 73110

Located just across from

Tinker Air Force Base!

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UES, Inc.

Ohio-based UES, an 8(a) woman-owned science and technology company, has selected the aerospace and defense cluster at Tinker Business & Industrial Park as its Oklahoma location.

With over 37 years of experience in science and technology. UES provides world-class, on-site scientific, technical, and research support to government agencies and industry partners. In-house laboratories provide UES the ability to transform scientific innovations into commercially available products and services, with the tech commercialization portion of its services accounting for a significant amount of its revenue.

UES uses a variety of commercialization and transition models from creating subsidiaries and associated spin-off enterprises, floating IPOs, and licensing technologies. These efforts have resulted in an Air Force Commercialization Index of 100%.

“A constantly changing wartime environment requires new and adaptive technologies. UES is a perfect example of how – for the past 25 years - TBIP not only survives, but thrives on a mix of aerospace and defense industry companies who create a complementary mix of products and services essential to the overall success of Tinker Air Force Base and the OC-ALC,” said Warren Thomas, Managing General Partner.

About Tinker Business & Industrial Park:

Tinker Business & Industrial Park is a sector specific business park for defense companies engaged in aerospace/aviation, telecommunications and environmental sciences. The North Campus is located at 29th and Sooner Road, Midwest City, and the South Campus is located at 44th and Sooner Road, Oklahoma City.

The Aerospace Collaboration and Partnership Center is a non-traditional office facility designed primarily for start-up companies, small businesses, or large companies with a small Oklahoma footprint. ACPC anchor tenants from academia and industry bring together a wealth of knowledge, experience and assistance, lending particularly invaluable assistance to new or small defense companies.

For more information about the ACPC or Tinker Business & Industrial Park, contact Janelle Stafford ( ) at 405.733.4949 or 405.659.5435.