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Wireless Hot Spot Possible in Midwest City Area | Posted 03/23/2007

Representatives of Rose State College, the City of Midwest City, Acorn Growth Companies and Tinker Business & Industrial Park met recently to learn about technology which could be used to establish a wireless "hot spot" for the Midwest City area. The meeting was hosted by Warren Thomas, Managing General Partner of Tinker Business & Industrial Park.

Marty Hale, President of Blue Moon Solutions, presented information on various applications of wireless technology which can be used to create a wireless hot spot for a variety of uses. As a systems integrator, Blue Moon creates mobile multimedia platforms for emergency personnel designed to link fire, police, and ambulance with doctors and hospital or other medical personnel through voice, video and data communication.

As an illustration of that, Hale commented that Blue Moon Solutions has recently completed a 400-square-mile wireless network system for public safety in Oklahoma City. Blue Moon has also master planned the former Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock Texas to be one of the nation's premiere IT parks, Hale said.

"In the future, TBIP contemplates utilizing wireless technology for security, and other functional requirements," Thomas said. "Dynamic, interactive, multi-frame views on a single screen showing real time video of numerous locations throughout our campus is just one example that comes to mind. The Blue Moon Solutions technology allows the user to focus in on specific activity by zooming and rotating an image with the touch of a screen, providing resolution clear enough to read license plates," he added.

Technology savvy areas like San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin have created wireless hot spots through a network of Wi-Fi access points which provide wireless Internet connectivity to anyone who has a laptop and a wireless network card, Thomas explained. A number of hotels, airports, restaurants and coffee houses also provide their customers with Wi-Fi access on a more limited scale. Each individual access point provides Wi-Fi access up to about 300 feet, he said.

Such a network could benefit the City of Midwest City in a number of different ways, according to Hale. For business travelers staying in the growing number of hotels around the Reed Center at I-40 and Sooner Road, for example, it could provide connectivity to those engaged in business at TBIP or Tinker Air Force Base. Retail businesses such as restaurants growing around anchor tenants like Lowes, Target and Kohls could also become hot spots for patrons through Wi-Fi connectivity.

Furthermore, a wireless network could be employed at a variety of levels for businesses like Tinker Business & Industrial Park, or for e-learning applications with Rose State College. And, it could also be utilized to create low-cost Internet services for residents of Midwest City, he said.

Finally, Hale also discussed how Wi-Fi technology could be utilized to upgrade existing public safety communications for the City of Midwest City, similar to what has been created by the City of Oklahoma City.

"The 29th Street redevelopment project is evidence of the vision that Midwest City community leaders have always exemplified," Thomas commented. "The explosive residential growth in Eastern Oklahoma County demonstrates that Midwest City's vision is dead on. The opportunity to create a wireless hot spot for this area is another potential value-add that could set our business and our residential community apart."

Blue Moon Solutions provides expertise in all stages of network architecture and system design, procurement and provisioning, infrastructure deployment, operations management, and product applications for information technology (IT) and innovative communications.